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Nov 08

Book Notes 11/8/2021

Posted to Campbell Unclassified on November 8, 2021 at 1:20 PM by Genesis Gaule

Blog Book Notes


Stop in on November 16 and work with our Artist in Residence, Jill Levene. Learn how to carve a stamp from a rubber block and print it on a community mural. More information

How to Walk with Steve by Robert Fromberg

This is a memoir of a boy's connection with his autistic brother in a family defined by alcoholism, art, and death in a decaying Midwestern city. With exposed-nerve scenes, Robert Fromberg immerses us in an early childhood made relentlessly unpredictable by autism and addiction; teenage years alone in 1970s New York City; and young adulthood as guardian of his brother after the death of their parent.

616.85882 FROMBERG

Raising Ollie by Nick Davis

How My Nonbinary Art-Nerd Kid Changed (Nearly) Everything I Know // Ollie, a funny, anxious, smart kid with a thing for choir and an eye for graphic art, was gravely under challenged and also struggling with identity and how to live totally as themselves. Ollie begged to switch to a new school with “kids like me,” where they wouldn’t feel so alone, or so bored, and so they made the change. Raising Ollie is dad Tom Rademacher’s story (really, many stories) of that eventful and sometimes painful school year, parenting Ollie and relearning every day what it means to be a father and teacher. As Ollie—who is nonbinary and uses they/them pronouns, and prefers art to athletics, vegetables to cake, and animals to most humans—flourishes in their new school, Rademacher is making an eye-opening adjustment to a new school of his own, one that’s whiter and more suburban than anywhere he has previously taught, with a history of racial tension that he tries to address and navigate.


The Speckled Beauty by Rick Bragg

A Dog and His People // Written with Rick Bragg's inimitable blend of tenderness and sorrow, humor and grit, this book captures the extraordinary sustaining devotion between two damaged creatures who need each other to heal.

636.70092 BRAGG

Taste by Stanley Tucci

My Life Through Food // Stanley Tucci grew up in an Italian American family that spent every night around the kitchen table. Taste is a reflection on the intersection of food and life, filled with anecdotes about his growing up in Westchester, New York; preparing for and shooting the foodie films Big Night and Julie & Julia; falling in love over dinner; and teaming up with his wife to create meals for a multitude of children. Each morsel of this gastronomic journey through good times and bad, five-star meals and burned dishes, is as heartfelt and delicious as the last.

641.5092 LP TUCCI

If you need help accessing any of these titles or using front door pickup, email or call us and we will be happy to assist you!

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Sep 23

9 Children's Books About Bullying by Genesis Gaule

Posted to Campbell Unclassified on September 23, 2021 at 6:37 PM by Genesis Gaule

At least 1 out of every 5 children will be the target of bullying [] and the unfortunate truth is that--whether as a victim, bystander, or even as the bully themselves--nearly every child will be involved in bullying behavior at some point in their lives.

Bullying is defined “as intentional, repeated and power-imbalanced forms of emotional or physical abuse." []. It can start as early as age 3 and often develops from “pre-bully” behaviors that have been allowed to continue unchecked. By modeling empathy and helping children learn skills for handling bullying behavior, caring adults can help turn the tide before it becomes a serious problem.

October is National Bullying Prevention Month, a time to focus and raise awareness on bullying and its harmful effects on children. Looking for a way to participate? Talking openly about bullying and its effects with the young children in your lives is just one way you can help prevent and process bullying trauma--and books are a great way to get conversation started.

These are just a sampling of the anti-bullying books we have available at the library. For more on this topic, visit our catalog or ask a librarian.

I Talk Like a River

by Jordan Scott

When a boy who stutters feels shunned, isolated, and incapable of communicating the way he'd like, it takes a change of perspective to help him find his voice. Masterfully illustrated, the expressive paintings powerfully mirror the text's emotion, putting you in the boy’s shoes. Based on the author’s own experiences, this moving book is for any child who feels unable to fit in due to physical differences and helps foster empathy in those who don’t. // Easy // Grades K-4


by Kevin Henkes

Until Chrysanthemum started kindergarten, she believed her parents when they said her name was perfect. But at school, Chrysanthemum begins to suspect that her name is far less than perfect from her classmate’s incessant teasing. Heartbroken, Chrysanthemum's parents try to piece her self-esteem back together again. // Easy // Grades PreS-3

A Big Guy Took My Ball

by Mo Willems

Piggie is upset because a whale took the ball she found. What will Gerald and Piggie do? Willems has a way of delivering funny, emotionally perceptive stories for just-emerging readers and this tale on sharing, assumptions, and feelings of injustice is no exception. // Easy // Grades: PreS-2

You, Me and Empathy

by Jayneen Sanders

Empathy--being able to understand how another person is feeling and recognizing their needs--is one of the most important skills a child can learn. This charming story follows Quinn through every-day situations as they model empathy towards others. Discussion questions are included as well as suggested activities to promote empathy and kindness. // Easy // Grades K-3

The Invisible Boy

by Trudy Ludwig

This gentle story beautifully illustrates what it feels like to be excluded and how simple acts of positive peer pressure can make a world of difference. Including a discussion guide and resources for further reading, The Invisible Boy is a valuable resource addressing the needs of quieter children. // Easy // Grades 1-4

Each Kindness

by Jacqueline Woodson

Chloe won’t let the new girl, Maya, play with her and her friends. Bullied and excluded, Maya eventually stops coming to school. Told from Chloe’s perspective, we get an inside look on how easy it is to fall into negative peer pressure. Although this story does not have a happy ending, it contains a powerful anti-bullying message. // Easy // Grades 2-6

Trouble Talk

by Trudy Ludwig

Maya’s friend Bailey loves to tell jokes and spread rumors about the troubles in other children’s lives. But when Bailey hears Maya’s parents fighting and turns it into a rumor that they’re going to get divorced, Maya realizes how painful this “trouble talk” can be. Includes notes, resources, and discussion questions for caregivers to help empower and encourage their children towards healthier friendships. // Easy // Grades 2-5

Duck Days

by Sara Leach

Third-grader Lauren, who has Autism Spectrum Disorder, is practicing the skill of 'going with the flow,' but finds that difficult when she learns that her best friend Irma has made another friend, Jonas. Straightforward text and frequent black-and-white illustrations make this an accessible chapter book for young readers and a great family read. // Junior // Grades 2-5

Stand Up for Yourself & Your Friends

by Ame Dyckman

This book from the popular American Girl brand focuses on teaching girls how to identify bullying and how to stand up and speak out against it. The mix of quizzes, quotes from other girls, and age-appropriate advice can help tweens learn that there is no one right way to deal with bullying. // Nonfiction // Grades 3-7

For more parent resources about bullying visit:

Jun 14

Book Notes 6/14/2021

Posted to Campbell Unclassified on June 14, 2021 at 11:03 AM by Genesis Gaule

Blog Book Notes


The Campbell Library is open to the public Monday/Friday (9am-5pm) and Tuesday/Thursday (10am-7pm). We also offer Front Door Pick Up and half hour appointments for browsing or computer use Wednesdays (9am-5pm).

Who is RuPaul? by Nico Medina

Who HQ // RuPaul Andre Charles always knew he was meant to be a performer. Ru developed his drag-queen personality and launched his career in the 1980s. He now hosts and judges the widely popular and long-running show RuPaul's Drag Race, which has raised the profile of the art of drag, and drag queens around the world.


Sincerely, Your Autistic Child by Emily Paige Ballou, Sharon daVanport, and Morenike Giwa Onaiwu

What People on the Autism Spectrum Wish Their Parents Knew About Growing Up, Acceptance, and Identity // Sincerely, Your Autistic Child represents an authentic resource for parents written by people who understand this experience most, autistic people themselves. Tackles the everyday challenges of growing up while honestly addressing the emotional needs, sensitivity, and vibrancy of autistic girls and nonbinary people.

618.92 BALLOU

Plunder by Menachem Kaiser

A Memoir of Family Property and Nazi Treasure // Kaiser takes up his Holocaust-survivor grandfather’s former battle to reclaim the family’s apartment building in Sosnowiec, Poland. He makes a discovery that his grandfather’s cousin wrote a secret memoir while a slave laborer in a vast, secret Nazi tunnel complex. A band of Silesian treasure seekers revere the memoir as the guidebook to Nazi plunder.

940.53 KAISER

Every Day is a Gift by Tammy Duckworth

A Memoir // Learn the incredible story of Illinois senator and Iraq War veteran Tammy Duckworth and see what inspired her to follow the path that made her who she is today. The book traces her impoverished childhood, her decision to join the Army, the months spent recovering from the RPG attack that shot down her helicopter and nearly took her life, and her subsequent mission of serving in elected office.


If you need help accessing any of these titles or using front door pickup, email or call us and we will be happy to assist you!

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