Use lists and history

Looking for a way to keep track of what you've read or want to read? Use these features in your library card account!

screenshot of my account in library catalog

History in the Catalog

To turn the History feature on, you need to log in to your library account in our catalog ⇗ using your library card number and password. (Don’t remember your password? Give us a call and we can reset it in a jiffy!)

  • Click on My Account in the upper right hand corner, then click on Account Preferences.
  • In Account Preferences, click on Search and History Preferences.
  • Click on the checkbox next to Keep history of checked out items? and all the items you check out after that will be kept in your account!

Now you can see your list under Items Checked Out and Check Out History tabs.

Lists in the Catalog

If you are browsing the library catalog and see a book that you want to read but are already in the middle of five, you can add it to a list. You can create a list from My Lists or directly from the catalog.

  • When you’re logged in, you will get a button next to the title of a book that says Add to my list.
  • From there you can create a new list or add it to one you’ve already created.

You can also create custom lists in your account to organize books, such as "Want to Read", "Recommended Books", "Book Club", "Series to Read", or even make lists for subjects you are interested in. Get creative!

Screenshot of the overdrive dashboard

History in Overdrive

  • See the e-books and e-audiobooks you've checked out in your Overdrive Account ⇗.
  • You can also manually add items to your history list by clicking the "Add to History" link on the items detail page.

Wishlist in Overdrive

  • You can add e-books and e-audiobooks to your Overdrive wishlist by clicking thewishlist icon buttonbutton underneath to the title.
  • See your wishlist in your Overdrive Account ⇗ and see what's available to check out now.